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Establishment of the Company s.r.o (*s.r.l.)

A constitution of the s.r.o. it is a legal process, mastery of which requires a practice in the specialization and knowledge of the provisions of the law. Although it is possible to find instructions or sample documents, they are often not actualized and instead of being helpful, they cause damage. Taking advantage of our services you save time, you will avoid the bureaucracy of the offices, waste of time in case of refusal to register the company in the commercial register. Above all, the sum total for the establishment of a s.r.o., taking advantage of our services is less as in the case, if you would like to open yourselves.

A complete constitution of the company includes:

• Consultations of all the acts connected with the establishment of the company for free.
• Preparation of all documents (deed of incorporation, resp., Social contract, self-declaration, declaration of the conferral administrator and the like) unavoidable for the constitution of a company.
• Payment of the judicial tax, the standard of which is € 331.50, - €.
• Complex communication with the merchant's office - consultations, announcement and employment of the self-employment license, or any other license of the entrepreneur.
• Issuing of the certificates on the free self-employment license.
• Elaboration and forwarding of the request for the release of the agreement of finance intendance.
• Elaboration and submission of the proposal for registration of the company in the commercial register.
• Taking the company registration certificate and taking over the commercial register extract.
• Registration of the company for personal income tax
• Delivery of all documents.

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