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Changes in the commercial register

Enrolling the change in your company in the Trade Register is a specialized process that takes time. In some cases, such as the transfer of business shares or a decrease in the share capital, it is more complicated than the constitution of the company itself. If you want the registration of the change in your company to go smoothly and have not consumed your time and energy, it is appropriate for these changes to make use of the professionals. In addition to this, the final sum for registration of the change in the Register of Commerce using our services is less than your personal registration of the change. You will avoid bureaucracy in the Slovak offices. We will prepare all the documents for you. In addition, a guarantee, until the change is registered in the Commercial Register, otherwise, you will have our services for free. It is not worth risking a refusal to register modifications, judicial and notary fees, as well as time.
Any change in your company - € 140.00
When making several changes in the company, the price remains unchanged, that is, with the price of € 140.00 you can perform a desired number of changes together.

As an example we present the most frequent changes we make:

• Change company name
• Modification of the company headquarters
• Integration or cancellation of the objects of the social activity
• Transfer of the commercial share to another legal entity
• Change the address of the member or administrator
• Change in the amount of the share capital
• Registration of the other director or partner in the company s.r.o.

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